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Annual Academic Famine-Genocide Lectures

University of Toronto

One of the highlights of the Famine-Genocide commemorative events, since 1998, has been the annual academic lectures initiated by the Famine-Genocide Commemorative Committee of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, Toronto Branch. These lectures are now co-sponsored by the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies (Toronto office), Petro Jacyk Program for the Study of Ukraine and the Centre for Russian and East European Studies at the University of Toronto.

(Actual lectures not available.)

Professor James Mace
University of Kyiv
Mohyla University

1998 October 5
Professor Frank Sysyn
Director, Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies

“The Politics of Genocide Studies: Putting the Ukrainian Famine on the Agenda”

1999 November 24
Professor Ian Hunter
University of Western Ontario
“Revisiting the Ukrainian Famine 1932-1933”
2000 November 30
Professor Terry Martin
Harvard University
“Stalin and the Ukrainian Famine: New Findings”

2001 November 20
Professor Hiroaki Kuromiya
University of Indiana
“Ukrainian National Sentiment and the Famine 1932-1933”

2002 November 18

Professor Olexiy Haran
Department of Political Science, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Ukraine
“Tragic pages of Ukrainian History and Present Political Struggle: Debates Over the 1933 Famine”
2003 November 10
Professor Mark von Hagen
Columbia University
“The Holodomor and the State of Ukrainian Studies”
2004 November 12
Professor Lynne Viola
University of Toronto
“Before the Famine: Peasant Deportations to the North”
2005 November 8
Professor Roman Serbyn
University of Quebec
“The Ukrainian Famine of 1933 in Light of the UN Convention on Genocide”
2006 November 6
University of Toronto – Symposium
Professor Henadii Boriak
Professor Ludmilla Hrynevych
Professor Iryna Matiash
Professor Riabchuk
“The Holodomor of 1932-33: a 75th Anniversary Conference on the Ukrainian Famine Genocide”
2007 November 1

Professor Alex Hinton
Rutgers University
“Genocide by Famine? The Cambodian and Ukrainian Cases Compared”
2008 November 6
Professor Andrea Graziosi
University of Naples
“The Holodomor and the Soviet
Famines 1931-1933”
2009 November 17

Professor Oleh Wolowyna
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“Demographic Assessment of the Holodmor Within The Context of the 1932-1933 Famine of the USSR”
2010 November 9

Professor Norman Naimark
Stanford University
“The Ukrainian Holodomor:
Stalin and Genocide”
2011 November 16

Professor Alexander Motyl
Rutgers University
“The Holodomor and History:
Bringing Ukrainians Back In”
2012 November 9


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